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Have you ever wanted to accept card, but couldn’t? With iZettle you can, any time and any place. Hilden Park Chartered Accountants and iZettle have partnered to give you the best possible solution for payments and bookkeeping.

About iZettle

iZettle is a payment service that makes it possible for anyone to take card payments anytime, anywhere.

The service is available for both businesses and individuals.

There is a free Card Reader Litre available for businesses as well as a Card Reader Pro Contactless at a great price.

They are simple to set up and use alongside a free app for your smartphone/tablet, always secure and help you build your business. But that’s not all, they actually make running a small business way more fun.

Get started taking payments with iZettle

1. Sign up in 5 minutes and download the free iZettle app

Sign up online and visit App store or Google play to download the free app on your smartphone or tablet.

2. Order your card reader

Get your Chip and PIN reader when signing up online.

3. Connect your bank account

Register and verify your bank account to get your deposits.

4. Take your first payment

Connect the card reader to a smartphone or tablet and take your first payment instantly

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Why iZettle?

iZettle is a great way for small business's to accept card payments. No other mobile point of sales systems today offer customers zero start-up costs. It's free 5-minute sign up, free point of sale and free EMV certified Chip and PIN card reader. If you are still not convinced, here are some more reasons why iZettle is the small business's best friend.

  • Free fully functional Point of Sale
  • The iZettle card reader fits in your pocket. Meaning that payments can be taken on the go.
  • With no fixed fees and our pay per transaction policy iZettle is the small business's best friend.
  • iZettle helps to grow your business, and saves you time. When payments are registered, the iZettle analytics tool gives you in-depth sales reports.
  • Cash is instant but handling is not free: the storage, distribution, processing and supervision costs add up.
  • Never miss a sale, offer your cashless customers a modern way of doing business.

Seamless integration to Xero

iZettle sales and payout data is seamlessly integrated to Xero small business accounting. Connect your iZettle business account to your Xero account in iZettle account settings

Visit our Xero page

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