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Dave Mills of Kurt J. Lesker Company Limited

After having a previous professional relationship with Paul Chewter and some of the other Directors at Hilden Park they were always the team I turned to for a second opinion, knowing that I could trust their judgement implicitly for any queries I may have had or as a sounding board for various financial questions.

Three years ago when our organisation began to rapidly grow we felt the need to upgrade our accounting partners. Hilden Park Accountants were the standout contenders considering the services in payroll, taxation, annual audit and financials that we required.

We are now approaching our third year as partners, and couldn’t be happier with the service we receive and the relationship we have built up with many team members at Hilden Park. At Kurt J. Lesker we were keen to ensure that our new accounting partners added value to our business as opposed to just completing an exercise that was a requirement, something that has certainly been accomplished.