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Jim Fatah C.E.O of JFA Systems Limited

We joined Hilden Park in 2014 after being recommended to them by a tax advisor.  We are so glad that we did!  They have been brilliant.  Our guru, Paul Chewter has a razor sharp intellect hiding behind his baby face. 

What I like about Paul is that not only is he super bright but he has always been helpful, and often goes out of his way to help me solve problems.  If he doesn’t know something then he says so, and then goes out of his way to find the answer and tell me.  So many accountants just flannel and avoid – but not Paul. 

This helpful attitude seems to permeate the whole company.  Paul’s colleague Sam has also been helping with taxation, where she has expert knowledge, and she does the same – jumps on issues and solves them with a smile.  And when I made mistakes on payroll Sarah who does this for us smiled and told me no problem – she would fix it.  I give her lots of extra work and she just says “No problem, we are here to help.”  And when Paul is on holiday Bruno steps in and, again is really helpful, knowledgeable and friendly.  Verity too is also helpful and friendly.

Hilden Park are not just our accountants, they are our partners and I’m happy to talk to anyone who is considering them.  Moving to Hilden Park was certainly one of the best things we ever did.