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Yoshi Lee Director of Boba Box Limited

It’s never an easy decision when you are settled and comfortable with your working relationships to make changes but when our financial advisor recommended Paul Chewter as an alternative accountant to consider, I was dubious about changing our existing working model but would touch base with him to network.

I may have tested Paul’s patience with the multitude of questions I had and whether they could really streamline our process as much as promised. Ever professional, Paul would always respond back swiftly with patience and knowledge, alleviating any concerns and queries as he introduced me to various members of his team who would specialise in different areas to help.

2.5 years on, we haven’t looked back. The Hilden Park team are fantastic, dedicated and very personable. They are incredibly passionate about what they do and it is reflected in the output so much that we have outsourced as much as we can to them (we highly recommend Ana for book-keeping). Their support, advice and promised ability to streamline our entire process has enabled the company to grow as we dedicate time to growth and strategy.