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Beware - Companies House Scam

When a new company is set up, we ‘open’ that company at Companies House – they register the information that businesses are legally required to supply then make that information available to the public.

Many clients choose to use our address as their registered office, so we sometimes receive post on their behalf. Just today we registered a new company using our address – and intercepted a nasty scam.

The client was sent a very official looking letter to our address asking them to pay £190 to be on the ‘Central Register of Companies.’  Of course, we realised straight away that this letter is a scam – there is no such thing.  And Companies House doesn’t send letters demanding money. But unsuspecting people who aren’t familiar with the process could well be tricked into paying this money.

So, if you receive this letter to your registered office, ignore it!!

If you’re in any doubt about whether a letter is official – don’t pay anything! Either call us or Companies House to confirm the position.