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  • HobbyMonday 8th December 2014

    No loss relief for business run as a "hobby"

    A recent case before the Tax Tribunal reminds us that in order to set a trading loss sideways against other income, the business must be carried out on a commercial basis with a view to making a profit. The case in question relates to Mrs Thorne, who ran an equestrian business and another ...

  • LeadershipMonday 8th December 2014

    Managing difficult employees

    Effectively managing difficult employees can be a challenging prospect. Whether it is the employee who is consistently late, who complains incessantly or who seems to constantly upset their co-workers, every company must deal with difficult employees. These situations drain management's time ...

  • MeetingMonday 3rd November 2014

    Creating great client meetings

    You are the heart of your business and your clients are the lifeblood. Most businesses have client interactions that involve meetings. The difference between a good client experience and a great one are often down to “touch points” with the firm, such as client meetings. Your goal ...

  • WillsMonday 3rd November 2014

    New intestacy rules if you don't make a will

    Many people die intestate because they think their estate will automatically pass to their spouse free of inheritance tax (IHT). This is not necessarily correct. Moreover, having a Will in place makes it easier to get a grant of probate and avoids the Statutory Intestacy Rules governing how the ...

  • HMRC logoThursday 2nd October 2014

    RTI penalties delayed again

    HM Revenue and Customs have recently announced that the start date for penalties on PAYE schemes that have fewer than 50 employees will now be delayed until 6 March 2015. HMRC have said that the extra time will give smaller employers, who appear to be experiencing the greatest difficulties ...

  • ComputerThursday 2nd October 2014

    5 best practices for using email

    Email is part of day to day business life in most businesses. Here are a few tips to help you regain control of your inbox. Speak to people When you receive an email that looks like it’s going to be complicated to reply to, visit/telephone the person who sent it, and ask what they ...

  • CarWednesday 3rd September 2014

    Business travel for self employed

    Following a recent case in front of the Upper Tier Tax Tribunal involving a doctor with a private practice (Dr Samadian), HMRC are applying the rules for business travel much more strictly. The “wholly and exclusive” principle states that where there is both a business and a ...

  • Lightbulb growthTuesday 5th August 2014

    Improved tax breaks for innovative companies

    There are currently two very generous tax breaks for companies involved in research and development (R&D) , particularly those that go on to patent their products or inventions. Many such companies may not be claiming all the relief that they are entitled to. Firstly, R&D tax credit ...

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