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  • Van 2Wednesday 25th September 2019

    When is a van not a van?

    HMRC are being urged to provide clarity and consistency on the tax treatment of commercial vehicles such as VW Kombi Vans marketed as goods vehicles. The need for clarity follows the ruling in an important tax tribunal case involving “vans” provided to employees of Coca Cola. The ...

  • CGTTuesday 27th August 2019

    CGT private residence relief changes

    Draft legislation to be included in the next Finance Bill will make important changes to the calculation of CGT private residence relief. As announced in the Autumn 2018 Budget, there will be a reduction in the final period exemption to just 9 months and stricter conditions for letting relief to ...

  • EntertainingWednesday 24th July 2019

    A staff summer party can be a tax-free benefit

    Your organisation may have an annual Christmas party for staff, but the tax rules also allow staff parties at other times of the year which are a tax-free benefit if certain conditions are satisfied. The exemption applies to an annual party (for example, a Christmas party), or similar annual ...

  • Money growWednesday 26th June 2019

    High income child benefit charge and state pension

    We've recently been looking at tax planning to minimise or eliminate the high income child benefit to keep both husband and wife (or civil partners) looking after a child below the £50,000 threshold. Where the income of one of the individuals exceeds £60,000 such that the whole ...

  • Customer valueTuesday 21st May 2019

    Delivering Customer Value

    Understanding what your customers really value can help you to market your products and services more effectively. Customer value is the perception of what a product or service is worth to the customer. Customers don’t buy features - they buy benefits. Your customers will buy your ...

  • Tax planningWednesday 20th March 2019

    Year End Tax Planning

    DON’T LOSE YOUR PERSONAL ALLOWANCE! For every £2 that your adjusted net income exceeds £100,000 the £11,850 personal allowance is reduced by £1. Pension contributions and Gift Aid can help to reduce adjusted net income and save tax at an effective rate of ...

  • Managing a businessWednesday 27th February 2019

    Managing in uncertain times

    Due to Brexit, 2019 looks set to be a year filled with uncertainty for businesses. The future is always unknown but this year managers will need to navigate some particularly choppy waters due to market uncertainty and global political turmoil. Focus on what you can control As a manager ...

  • brexit 2Wednesday 13th February 2019

    No deal Brexit - what about VAT?

    The Government and HMRC have updated its collection of high-level guides called “partnership packs”, intended to help businesses involved in importing and exporting prepare for changes to customs procedures after 29 March 2019 in the event of a “no deal” scenario. If the ...

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