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  • ClientsTuesday 5th August 2014

    Remember your clients - or they will forget you

    Just because you're good at what you do, it doesn't mean you'll get referrals for new business. Many business owners know that the best source of referrals is from satisfied clients. They go about doing great work and making their customers happy, then wait for the referrals to come ...

  • PartnershipThursday 3rd July 2014

    HMRC don't like partnerships with corporate members

    Last summer a consultation document was published setting the proposed counteraction by HMRC of artificial profit and loss allocation schemes involving partnerships and LLPs where some of the members are chargeable to income tax but others not. The measures were clearly intended to catch the ...

  • NetworkingThursday 3rd July 2014

    Effective business development meetings

    No matter what type of business you run, you need to network in order to build your business. Effective networking involves a lot more than simply handing out business cards. Here are a few tips to help your business development meetings produce the business relationships that you ...

  • HMRC logoTuesday 3rd June 2014

    Forms P11D due by 6th July

    The deadline for filing 2013/14 returns of benefits and expenses paid to employees is 6 July 2014. Significant penalties can be incurred for incorrect returns, so great care is required. The most common benefits in kind that need to be reported are company cars and loans of over £5,000 on ...

  • LightbulbTuesday 3rd June 2014

    Managing your inbox

    A never-ending inbox of emails is the cause of long working hours, stressed out managers and procrastination. It is also the reason why many people feel that they are so 'busy' when in fact they are often busy doing the wrong things. A full, un-manageable inbox can distract you from what ...

  • HMRC and coinsThursday 1st May 2014

    Payment of self-employed class 2 National Insurance

    Class 2 NIC for the tax year 2014/15 is charged at the rate of £2.75 per week. It is possible for those with earnings below the small earnings limit of £5,885 (for 2014/15), to apply for the small earnings exception using form CF10. Some taxpayers are both employed and also ...

  • HandshakeThursday 1st May 2014

    Getting induction processes right

    In a world where the latest generation of “millennial” workers are prone to changing jobs, the importance of a good employee induction plan can no longer be ignored. In order to get your induction process right you need to consider: - How long it takes new employees to become a ...

  • TeamMonday 7th April 2014

    Avoiding issues in managing your team

    Managers act as the front-line between chief executives and their employees. They are tasked with not only 'getting the job done', but are also expected to motivate their employees, act as role models for staff, promote a positive work environment and transmit the vision and mission of ...

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