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  • LightbulbMonday 21st January 2013

    Becoming more Customer Centric

    Knowing that your business needs to be customer centric (focusing on customer's needs and wants) is one thing. Knowing how to go about introducing this customer-focused culture is something else entirely! Here are some tips to help you implement the changes necessary to become a more ...

  • ParliamentTuesday 15th January 2013

    Does your company need an audit?

    The rules relating to whether or not small companies and limited liability partnerships require an audit change for businesses with years ending on or after 1 October 2012. Please read the attached document to see whether you are affected by these changes. ...

  • HMRC logoFriday 21st December 2012

    Odd Happenings with the Personal Allowance

    2012/13 - £8,105 2013/14 - £9,440 (not £9,205 as originally planned) To make sure that 40% taxpayers do not fully benefit from the charge to the Promised Land of a £10,000 personal allowance, the level of taxable income at which that rate starts is being ...

  • Pension imageFriday 14th December 2012

    Workplace Pensions Reform

    Millions of people are not saving enough to have the income they are likely to want in retirement. Life expectancy in the UK is increasing and, at the same time, people are saving less into pensions. The Government has made it clear that people should take responsibility for their retirement and ...

  • HMRC logoThursday 6th December 2012

    Child Benefit Charge Letters

    Child Benefit is to be withdrawn gradually in situations where one parent or partner earns more than £50,000 a year, and withdrawn entirely in cases where this figure is more than £60,000. You should note that the draft legislation has been amended, providing a safety net for ...

  • Arrows upWednesday 14th November 2012

    Developing KPIs for your Business

    The competitive environment that businesses operate in makes it imperative to have the right systems in place in order to gauge business performance. Reporting of performance against Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) among your team will allow informed decisions to be made. KPI selection ...

  • HMRC logoWednesday 31st October 2012

    Using your Home for Business

    We always look to maximise your tax breaks if you use your home for business, as they can be considerable (with care). For example, if there is non-exclusive business use of a room in your home, there is a claim which can be made for a proportion of the running costs; this does not automatically ...

  • HMRC logoTuesday 23rd October 2012

    Real Time Information

    Announcing HMRC’s new requirements for payroll processing The biggest single change in PAYE since its introduction in 1944 will soon be upon us. Real Time Information (RTI) will be introduced in April 2013 and will replace the usual end-of-year electronic filing process. An electronic ...

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