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  • BuildingThursday 19th July 2018

    New VAT rules for building trade in 2019

    Under new rules due to come in on 1 October 2019 builders, sub-contractors and other trades associated with the construction industry will have to start using a new method of accounting for VAT. The measure is designed to combat VAT fraud in the construction sector labour supply chain which HMRC ...

  • ProductivityWednesday 11th July 2018

    Productivity equals success

    Most business owners, managers and senior executives are juggling day to day responsibilities, growing the business and various projects. With so much to do, improving your productivity is key if you want to succeed. Here are a few top tips to help you to improve your productivity. Stop ...

  • HandshakeWednesday 20th June 2018

    Maintaining client relationships

    It costs considerably less to maintain an existing client relationship versus winning a new client. Creating more successful relationships with your existing clients depends on developing a broader and deeper relationship. Business is personal - people choose to do business with people that ...

  • tax digitalWednesday 13th June 2018

    Making tax digital delayed further - apart from VAT reporting

    HMRC have confirmed that no further MTD for business changes will be brought in before 2020 at the earliest. The Treasury set out its revised priorities for current digital transformation projects, to make room for the additional demands on its resources of work to upgrade customs systems in ...

  • Buy to LetWednesday 30th May 2018

    Taking a lodger? Don't forget to claim "rent a room" relief

    HMRC are carrying out a review of rent a room relief to discover whether the scheme, introduced back in 1992 provides the right incentives for the rental market. The current scheme exempts from tax, gross rents up to £7,500 where rooms within the taxpayer’s main residence are rented ...

  • GDPRWednesday 16th May 2018

    GDPR is coming

    The implementation date for the EU Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is 25 May. Despite Brexit, UK businesses will need to comply. In order to maintain business links with EU countries, the UK will need to create EU equivalent rules and regulations. GDPR is an example of this and must be ...

  • Business-StrategyWednesday 25th April 2018

    Creating a great business strategy

    When many of us think about business strategy, academics and expensive business consultants tend to spring to mind. The good news is that creating a really great business strategy doesn’t have to be complex. Put simply, a strategy is what you need to get your business from where it is ...

  • Google AnalyticsWednesday 18th April 2018

    How to use Google Analytics effectively

    Google Analytics is a free service which allows you to analyse visitors to your website. You could have thousands of visitors to your firm’s website every month, but those visitors don’t mean much if you don’t know anything about them. Google Analytics is one of the best of ...

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