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  • Car taxTuesday 19th September 2017

    Changing your company car? What about a hybrid next?

    The next Finance Bill will include legislation to reduce significantly the taxable benefit on the provision of low CO2 emission cars from April 2020. From 2020 there will be a 2% benefit in kind for company cars that emit no CO2 such as electric and hydrogen powered cars. At the same time the ...

  • NetworkingThursday 31st August 2017

    Networking tips for introverts

    Business networking seems easy and tends to come naturally to extroverts. But what if you are an introvert? What do you do if attending a networking event is your worst nightmare? The good news is you can still master the art of networking. Arrive early Arrive early when there are fewer ...

  • key-oneThursday 17th August 2017

    Blackberry makes a comeback with the keyone

    BlackBerry has recently launched its new KeyOne smartphone. It combines a physical keyboard with an Android operating system, BlackBerry secure email and a 4.5inch touchscreen. Many smartphone users find typing on physical keys more accurate than tapping out emails using a touchscreen ...

  • FUTURE LEADERSWednesday 9th August 2017

    What do future leaders look like?

    True leadership skills must be learned and practiced before they become second nature. So what do future leaders look like and how can you help them to develop their skills? Some members of your team will be high performers but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they will be natural ...

  • Business StrategyThursday 20th July 2017

    Strategy - its all about the execution

    Your firm might have the best business strategy but if the management team doesn’t execute that strategy properly, it could fail. While execution can go wrong for a variety of reasons, one of the most basic mistakes may be failing to allow the strategy to evolve over time. The business ...

  • tax digitalThursday 20th July 2017

    Tax Digital

    HMRC last week announced significant changes to the roll-out of its Making Tax Digital scheme, which was due to go live from April 2018. The scope and timetable have now been pared back following feedback and concerns about the broad scope and short timescales from parliamentary bodies, ...

  • worklife-balanceWednesday 12th July 2017

    Agile working & technology

    As agile working becomes more common, technology has had to adapt to ensure that employees can be productive, regardless of where they are physically located. Many potential new recruits expect some degree of agile working and the leading businesses have already started to adapt in order to ...

  • understanding peopleThursday 6th July 2017

    Understanding your people

    One of the most important tasks in creating a high-performance culture in your business is taking the time tounderstand your team and their needs. When employees’ needs are met, and they feel aligned with the strategy, vision and values of the firm, they tend to respond with ...

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