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  • travelThursday 11th May 2017

    Overseas Business

    In today’s increasingly globalised world, more and more firms are doing business overseas. Where you do business dictates how you should manage your business etiquette and personal style. Preparation time It is good practice to spend some time preparing for your business trips and ...

  • computer searchThursday 4th May 2017

    New trends in online search

    The online world is constantly evolving. As such, the way that people use online search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. is changing all the time. Businesses need to keep up to date with these changes so that customers and potential customers can continue to find them online. Here are some ...

  • copy writingMonday 24th April 2017

    The art of copywriting

    In the digital age, content is king. Businesses want to communicate with customers and targets on a regular basis. Firms are now producing more content than ever before for websites, blogs, newsletters, social media and press releases but the quality of that content can vary ...

  • strategyWednesday 19th April 2017

    Strategy Vs Culture

    "Culture eats strategy for breakfast." These words, often attributed to Peter Drucker, are frequently quoted by people who see culture at the heart of all great businesses. Strategy is written down on paper whereas culture determines how things get done. Most people can come up with ...

  • workplace faccebookWednesday 5th April 2017

    Workplace By Facebook

    Workplace by Facebook is a new collaborative platform for businesses who want to harness social media technology within the office environment. Workplace can be used to communicate via groups, to chat with colleagues and offers the features of Facebook but in a business focused package. ...

  • downloadWednesday 22nd March 2017

    Skype Translator

    Skype has designed the system in order to break down language barriers between friends, family and colleagues. Recently, Skype has expanded the availability of its real-time translation feature, integrating the tool with calls made to mobile phones and landlines. Previously, the translation ...

  • GoodManager1Wednesday 15th March 2017

    Become a more effective manager

    In the current economic environment, businesses are demanding more and more of their managers. Here are some tips to help you to become a more effective manager. The best managers are those that step back and let their team do their job without standing over the shoulders. You can’t do ...

  • mistakesWednesday 8th March 2017

    Managing Mistakes

    No matter what type of business you run, mistakes will happen. All employees make mistakes. However, the key to resolving the situation when things don’t go to plan is to manage your team and the actions they take, effectively. When things go wrong, stop and analyse the situation. How ...

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