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  • INNOVATIONWednesday 1st March 2017

    Innovation never stops

    It seems there is a new way of doing business being created every week. Disruptive, technology driven, new business models are constantly being developed by the likes of Uber, Skype, Amazon and Air BnB. Your business might hold an established position in the market today but that doesn’t ...

  • accountabilityWednesday 22nd February 2017

    Developing A Culture of Accountability

    One of the toughest balances to achieve within any business is between building a culture that gives people the autonomy to get on with their job while maintaining an environment of accountability. There is a fine line between managing and micromanaging and it tends to be quite subjective. ...

  • facebook-live-logo2-1920Wednesday 15th February 2017

    Facebook Live

    With latest figures showing 1.79billion monthly active users, Facebook is a social media platform that has immense potential for business users. However, as with any large target audience, getting your message right is key. Facebook Live is a new video streaming service which enables users to ...

  • multilingualWednesday 1st February 2017

    Hiring Multilingual Staff

    Are businesses that employ multilingual staff getting ahead of their competitors? Thanks to technology and globalisation in business, the world has become a much smaller place. Access to international markets is now easier than ever, thanks to ecommerce, the internet, etc. Big multinational ...

  • problem-solvingWednesday 25th January 2017

    Solving problems not just symptoms

    Regardless of the type of business that you manage, problem solving is undoubtedly part of your day job. However are you solving problems or just the symptoms of problems? No matter how good a manager you are, nor how hard you work, you’ll end up in trouble if you spend your time solving ...

  • scaling-up-a-vr-companyWednesday 18th January 2017

    Scaling Up

    Increasing the scale of a business is easier said than done. If your business objective is to scale up, you need to consider the people aspects, strategy and financials. People make the firm People determine a company’s success, and hiring the right people is critical. Hiring a team of ...

  • wearable-tech-bandWednesday 11th January 2017

    Wearable Technology

    Wearable technology is one of the biggest trends in IT and tech at the moment. The consumer market has embraced wearables such as smart watches and virtual reality headsets. However most businesses are still developing their strategies for making the most of the wearable technology trend. While ...

  • speech recognitionWednesday 21st December 2016

    Speech Recognition Technology

    Speech recognition applications have been around for a long time but until recently haven't seen a huge uptake by the business community. With high accuracy and professional apps available for mobile devices, is voice recognition a technology that your business could make effective use of ...

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